Porn creates  distance, lack of connection, infidelities, and feelings of insecurity, inadiquacy and a feeling that the grass is greener on the other side. I totally advocate that couples get back to the heart and soul of love. Replacing porn watching, be it alone or together with a wide range of exercises specifically designed to reconnect the heart and soul back to sex. Using a combination of modern and ancient tantra techniques like blind folding to increase sensations, fingertip dancing to pass a feeling of love to your partner, back to back dancing to awaken the kundili energy just once a week for an hour is what porn should be replaced with. Louise van der velde wants porn banned for the sake of our children as well. She says " it gives unrealistic expections to teenagers who enter on to sex expecting to be like porn stars. This leads to disappointment the all round, and it's about time sex got back to love.

Write a list of what you love and fell in love with when you met your partner, all the great things about them that made you fall in love, all too often we are focusing on what annoys us, where they fail us or themselves, and surprise surprise what we focus on we just get more of. Carry that list with you and read it at least twice a day. 

Spend time on loving yourself, give yourself space away with friends, family and realise that the reason most people are filing for divorce in January is actually external factors like pressures of credit card bills landing after Christmas, miss haps and fall outs with family, too much alcohol which sits in the liver and creates an ongoing feeling of anger- so do a detox. Don't jump to divorce give yourself time until after valentines to think things through don't rush.