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Louise Vander Velde
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Louise offers her Transformation Program,

An intense combination approach to therapy, over the 20 years Louise has worked with thousands of people, from sports professionals to  celebrities to every day people, couples and singles. Unlike traditional counselling the sessions are solution based, with lots of interventions and reprograming techniques. Your unique combination of therapy will be created after an initial one hour chat with Louise,

Then she  uses  EFT ( emotional freedom technique to empower you and clear blocked emotions),
The very latest cutting edge interventions, taken from modern psychology and NLP are used to literally reprogram and reset your system, clearing issues at the root cause. and energy block release work,

Louise also works on the energy system removing blockages with physical movements to heal at the core.  All this leads to loving yourself, feeling more joy , happiness and abundance so you can love your self and be loved.  "We can not be loved by any one more than we love our self,,, " so the outcome is always more love for life.  you are also given a home program and a box of tools you can use ongoing to clear further issues.

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About Louise

Louise Van der Velde is an international sex and relationship expert, TV presenter and author. She is well-known for her regular appearances on TV and radio and her best-selling new book, Decent Proposal.