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Exclusive Membership Offer

Unlock the full potential of your life with our premium membership tailored for Dr. Louise Van der Velde, CEO, and celebrity coach. Benefit from her extensive 25 years of experience in overcoming challenges and guiding individuals toward mastering their life with purpose and passion.

Membership Highlights

Weekly Private Coaching Video and Workbook

Gain insights and strategies to master your sexual and life force energy through exclusive weekly coaching content.

Live Monthly
Coaching Call

Engage in a one-hour live coaching session with Dr. Louise Van der Velde, personally guiding you to achieve your goals.

Access to Members-Only
Private Group

Connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and receive additional support in our exclusive community.

Experience a Transformational

Immerse yourself in a holistic approach to personal development, exploring various aspects of mind, body, and spirit.

Louise offers members

Links to investors and partners for collaborations. 

PR services

Option to be a yacht Member.

Use of our space for members retreats of your own and masterminds

Financial collaborations to recoup members fee and some


A team of 15 experts to support your vision and purpose

Retreats (Monthly in 2024)

Attend one of our amazing retreats covering a range of themes:*
   – Master Your Life Force
   – Investor Trips
   – Juice Retreat
   – Fasting Retreat
   – Meditation Retreats
   – Energy Balancing
   – Release the Past, Create Your Future
   – Single, Ready to Mingle
   – Tantra Yoga
   –  Couples Retreats
   –  Ecstatic dance retreat
   –  Unconditional lovers retreat
   –  Private coaching one to one
   –  Sexual energy boot camp

* Retreats may incur an extra cost.  See below for the different payment options.

Members can also apply to host their own retreats

Join Now and Elevate Your Life:

Embrace this exclusive opportunity to transform your life with the guidance and expertise of Dr. Louise Van der Velde. Limited spots available – secure your membership today.

Invest in yourself, master your life, and embark on a journey of personal growth with Dr. Louise Van der Velde.

Coaching Only

Pay monthly. Limited to 10 places.

£96 per month
Full money back guarantee. 

Coaching + 2 retreats

Coaching plus all benefits and 2 retreats

Full money back guarantee. 

Elite Membership

Call to discuss what is included

Total £48,000
Full money back guarantee. 

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