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Celebrity and CEO Life Coaching

There is a global crisis for CEOs and they really need our support

Louise has 25+ years of experience empowering professionals and elites. As an entrepreneur, she’s run multimillion-pound companies, built businesses from model agencies to clinic chains, and been a sought-after expert and relationship advisor on TV shows on the BBC and appeared on Dr Phil. Louise delivers an effortless formula for what’s missing in CEO’s lives, endorsed by celebrities like Simon Cowell’s team and The Real Housewives of Cheshire. She’s identified a global crisis for CEOs and is committed to filling the gap.


A Unique and Holistic Approach

Louise’s unique approach to coaching stems from her extensive experience and expertise, as well as her genuine passion for helping others. She understands the challenges that come with being a high-level executive or a high-profile individual in the entertainment industry, and she has the tools and strategies to help her clients overcome those challenges and achieve their goals.

My approach is holistic, taking into account every aspect of my clients’ lives, from their personal relationships to their health and well-being, having fun and excitement while still having a thriving business is a gift of balance I can bring to you. I also bring in a global team if introductions where appropriate

My network equates to our networth.

What I Offer

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