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Release the Past Create the Future

Louise takes you on a journey to clear trapped emotions and limiting beliefs.

We pick up limiting beliefs from as early as, and even before we can remember. They literally shape our existence, on this podcast Louise will take you back to REMOVE these limiting beliefs and install better serving ones.

The emotional charge we have through traumas is also easily removed, and she shows you how. Dr Hammer used this same timeline technique on over 10,000 cancer patients with incredible results.

Releasing emotions and limiting beliefs will enable you not only to be healthier, feel younger and happier but to achieve your life’s dreams making them your new reality.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right,” – Henry Ford

Releasing trapped old emotions and beliefs gives you an attitude that will determine great success in all areas of life.

No Medical Claims are Implied.

Start instantly materializing Using your Sexual Energy

In this training, Louise shares with you how to really instantly materialize, your highest good, the scientifically proven use of energy dynamics to instantly materialize so you can harness the greatests goals, ambitions, financial and relationship dreams using the power of your sexual energy, something all the so called big name “gurus” have omitted to tell you. Manifesting is just creating a thought, even with energy behind it is not enough to create the real life of your dreams, the life you want now, you have been lied to. If the secret and such programs had it right, we wouldn’t be suffering and living in lack.

This training if used correctly will mean all areas of your life can be advanced through the truth of your frequency matching your hearts desires.

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