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Discover Soul Sex

In a world saturated with sexual imagery through media and advertising, Sex Therapist Louise Van Der Velde invites you to explore a deeper connection in the realm of soulful intimacy, as experienced by members on her retreats.

Regular sex, she argues, serves merely as a stress release, leaving one unfulfilled. True fulfillment, she suggests, is found in soul sex—a profound exchange of energies between partners that transcends the physical. Through this alchemical connection, one’s mind, body, heart, and soul can open and heal.

Louise emphasizes that real sex is not just a means of physical satisfaction; it’s an energetic exchange. The fleeting pleasure of purely physical encounters contrasts with the depth and lasting connection achieved through soulful lovemaking. In this understanding, partners recognize each other as Souls, leading to a sacred communion that dissolves the illusions of separation, uniting them as ONE.

Soul sex involves recognizing oneself and the partner as more than physical bodies; they are Souls. It’s a surrender to both the partner and the divine within them. As one transcends the need for control, sex transforms from a power struggle to an act of deep surrender to the universal life force.

The magic happens when sex becomes a manifestation of love itself. By letting go and embracing the present moment, lovemaking becomes a path to enlightenment, a true expression of the Light within. Ultimately, Louise suggests, our obsession with sex stems from a profound search for our true selves, with sex serving as the manifestation of enlightenment.

In conclusion, she encourages letting go of techniques and resistance, advocating for surrender as the path to experiencing pure Love—where distinctions between self and other fade away, leaving only the essence of Love.

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